Lawyers & Contract Management


searchIT is a top search engine that is perfect for lawyers due to its functions and flexibility. The enterprise search solution enables state-of-the-art contract management with which all contracts can be found in a structured manner.

Lawyers & Contract Management

The wide range of functions for lawyers is highly convincing.


Contract management for lawyers

As a lawyer, you naturally have to manage a large number of contracts and documents every day. Finding contracts or text passages quickly is an essential time and cost factor. The larger your contract collection, the more you can benefit from searchIT’s full-text search & document management functions.

searchIT not only supports you in finding contracts, but also helps you to search all other information such as emails, conversation notes, file notes or third-party databases at the push of a button. A variety of sources can be connected to your enterprise search solution.


Search like in your favorite browser

Similar to an Internet search engine, you can limit the information output in a matter of seconds by combining search terms. Work with logical filters, such as AND-OR operations, but also with exclusion criteria. In addition, a lot of metadata such as authors, senders, recipients, creation and processing data, file types, etc. can be extracted from the documents and files, and then also be used as filter criteria.


Categorize document collections automatically

You just received a huge conglomerate of documents and files from a client and have to structure them? searchIT can do this for you in a fully automated way. The categorize plugin makes it easy to structure existing file collections. searchIT automatically extracts meta information from the documents and then categorizes the documents accordingly. It creates structured folders per author, year of creation (broken down by months) or also by language, file types (emails, Word files, Excel files, etc.), or by search terms and extracted topics (see next point).


AI lets you discover similarities

By using artificial intelligence, i.e. AI algorithms, so-called “topics” can be extracted from a set of documents. The AI algorithm tries to establish connections between the documents and make out topics. These topics help to automatically group large amounts of information.


Search scans as well

Scanned documents and images can also be indexed and searched using searchIT. An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm is used to enable text recognition in scanned documents. Once text recognition has been carried out, recognized texts can also be marked in PDF scans and can thus be extracted and further processed with a simple copy-paste.


up to 10,000 documents

45,- €

per month


up to 100,000 documents

from 190,- €

per month


up to 1,000,000,000 documents

on request



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