searchIT HR

The unique search software for HR departments & HR consultants made in Austria for making HR & information research, controlling & GDPR compliance a child’s play. Promised.

All information
in perfect view

Keep an eye on all information. Search all internal and external sources for content. This way, you can master research in job advertisements, applications, presentations, pay slips and carry out active sourcing more easily. Promised.

Easily GDPR

Manage documents and information in compliance with the law with the GDPR module of searchIT HR. You will find all instances of personal information such as resumes, ID cards, registration certificates and manage and delete them with a few mouse clicks. Very easily.

Unexpected possible
use cases

Discover unimagined possible uses searchIT HR for yourself. This includes internal employee research, active sourcing, GDPR compliance, automation (categorizing emails & mail, searching scans), and much more. This makes work a child’s play.

searchIT HR Base Pricing

 searchIT HR BasicsearchIT HR Advanced
Setup Feesnonenone
Monthly Feefrom 98,- Eurofrom 490,- Euro
Data Recordsup to 500,000up to 3,000,000
Usersup to 15up to 50
Incl. Serviceyesyes
GDPR Pluginyesyes
OCR Pluginyesyes
User Tracking Plugin-yes
Plugin Logged Deletion Requests--
Clustering Plugin--
Geo Search Plugin--
Sentiments Plugin--
Forms of Implementationvirtual machineall possible
Hardware-upon request





Enterprise Search for Businesses


Full Text Search Within Your Data

Artificial Intelligence

High Performance & Scalability


Fast Return on Investment

Simply Work Smoother

Examples of possible uses

The diverse application options for searching, analyzing and automating are ideally suited for HR departments and personnel consultants.


Search and find information in CVs with different content structures – regardless of the format (word, PDF, etc.). Scans of certificates and attachments can also be searched automatically using the OCR plugin.

All Documents


Search and find all information in job advertisements, CVs, certificates, presentations, and much more. This way you can quickly and easily get the right documents and content.

Active Sourcing / Headhunting Profile


searchIT HR supports you perfectly in active sourcing / headhunting. It searches many external sources such as social media, databases, portals, websites, and more, and shows you suitable employee profiles quickly and easily.

Internal Profile Research


searchIT HR is connected to all internal information sources, such as databases, network hard drives, websites, intranets, etc., and lets you quickly and easily search for employee profiles in these sources.

Document Management & GDPR-Compliance


The GDPR plugin lets you easily find, edit and delete all instances of personal information and create legally compliant GDPR reports at the push of a button.

Time Recording & Project Management


searchIT HR always keeps you up to date with working hours and activities of employees and gives you project management information.

Accounting & HR


The internal search engine supports you in accounting and personnel. It makes all files (including scans of them) automatically searchable and shows you the relevant content.

Search Scans


A fully automated OCR plugin converts scans of texts, such as files, invoices, mail, and more, into text and makes it fully searchable and editable.

Market Research


Conduct market research by searching, categorizing and analyzing online sources such as news outlets, social media, competitor websites fully automated.



Control your marketing channels at the push of a button – whether it is social media, PR or other advertising.

Automations (Emails, Mail)


Automate your processes. Incoming emails and mail can, for example, be automatically categorized and forwarded according to content.

Business-Process Monitoring


Keep an eye on the important processes with overview-providing, in-depth, and complete business analyzes.


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