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- Digital archiving made easy

With searchIT Archive, archiving documents / digital archiving becomes easier than ever: searchIT converts scans into searchable text and searches intelligently in all your data sources. Ideal for museums, libraries and archives. Archiving files with more cost efficiency, time savings and increased productivity. This is knowledge management – rethought. 

Archiving 2.0

Archiving digital documents / data has never been easier. The searchIT search engine searches all of your databases in all sources fully automatically – without any expensive archiving software or DMS systems. You save working time, costs and increase your productivity. This is Knowledge Management & Document Archiving 2.0.

use cases

searchIT Archive covers undreamt-of applications for museums, libraries and archives. Archive data / documents immediately. Make it easier for your employees to carry out recurring research activities and tasks by means of content-based searches with artificial intelligence, also in scans. Check the integrity of your data and storage media. Visualize your databases interactively and at the push of a button, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Best functions for document archiving

The best archiving and search functions make your work easier. Search all data sources for content fully automatically and benefit from extensive archiving. Search and filter functions, as well as an intuitive presentation of results, AI-supported plugins for archiving, searching through scans, topic clustering give you the decisive advantage. Promised.


Fast Fulltext





Knowledge Management

Simply Work Smoother

searchIT archive Use Cases

The many possible use cases for digital archiving, searching, analyzing and automating are ideal for museums, libraries and archives.

Instant Document Archiving


Archive instantly and on point. Plug in searchIT Archive, switch it on and wait a moment – and all search sources are available to you. Cost-efficient, without sources of error and without complex and expensive archiving software or document management (DMS) systems.

Include All Search Sources


searchIT Archive includes all search sources – whether databases, archives, network hard drives, clouds & sahres, e-mails, web sources and much more. You have all information at a glance.

Automatically search scans of texts


The built-in OCR system lets you search through scans of texts in your archives as if they were native text documents. Very easily.

Guarantee archive integrity


searchIT Archive lets you check the integrity of your archives and underlying storage media at the push of a button. You can monitor your data and storage media at the push of a button. In addition, deletion & change requests are handled according to the dual control principle and a change history is created.

Easier, faster research


Research faster and more effectively. The intelligent search shows you the most relevant content from many different data sources – even if these are widely distributed across sources and files.

Automatic classification


Archived documents can be automatically classified, for example with regard to content or other data. This gives you an immediate overview of the most important facts.

Analyze content automatically with AI


Your digital archive becomes a knowledge center: Extract clear information from a lot of content using artificial intelligence at the push of a button. For example, you can quickly identify topics and how much each document treats the topics.

Interactive data visualization


With the searchIT Archive visualization plug-in, you visualize Big Data interactively and at the push of a button. Because pictures say more than a thousand words. And you will get to your knowledge faster. This is more than just digital archiving.

New insights with intelligent archiving & search


searchIT Archive makes your research efforts many times more effective and faster. You receive insights that you would otherwise not have achieved or would only have achieved with great effort.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation & Research


searchIT Archive is very suitable for interdisciplinary cooperation between institutes, archives and museums, also on an international level. Data is archived automatically and searched easily, quickly and completely intuitively.

Pricing searchIT archive

 searchIT archive BasicsearchIT archive Advanced
Setup Feesnonenone
Monthly Feefrom 98,- Eurofrom 490,- Euro
Data Recordsup to 500,000up to 3,000,000
Usersup to 15up to 50
Incl. Serviceyesyes
Archive Pluginyesyes
OCR Pluginyesyes
User Tracking Plugin-yes
Forms of Implementationvirtual machineall possible
Hardware-upon request


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