GDPR - Data Management & Request for Information


A top full-text search engine that provides specially developed features for GDPR compliance.

Search & Find with Filters

With searchIT’s full-text search you can search in a very specific way & with any number of search dimensions. This guarantees that you will quickly find all GDPR-relevant cases for data protection information, deletion requests, etc.

Structure & Organize

With the GDPR plugin from searchIT you always have a well-structured overview of the requested data protection information. After all, compliance with the GDPR requires a structured procedure and reports on the handling of personal data.

Quick Information & Rich Snippets

Our innovative search engine provides you with quick information & rich snippets of the files’ contents. Capture the right content at a glance this way.

Automated Legally Compliant Reports

searchIT lets you create legally compliant data protection information at the push of a button. In a matter of seconds, you can meet your information obligations to data subjects in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.

Support in Regard to the EU GDPR

Best features for GDPR compliance.


Directory of Processing Activities


According to Articles 30-31 GDPR, a company must create a directory of processing activities that contains defined categories of people and processed data. searchIT supports you in finding the relevant data.

Data Protection Impact Assessment


Article 35 GDPR prescribes a data protection impact assessment for certain purposes. searchIT makes it easier for you to find the critical data and lets you better meet the requirements in form and content.

Fulfillment of the GDPR Reporting Requirements


In the case of a data breach, you can comply with the reporting obligation to the authorities in due time in accordance with Articles 33 & 34, since you can quickly view and filter the complete data concerned.

Data Protection Information at the Push of a Button


Easily find personal data that is processed in your company with searchIT and fulfill the right to information according to Article 15 GDPR in terms of content and form, through a standardized output from searchIT in report form.

Correction, Deletion & Restriction


The metadata & contact data search functions make fulfilling the obligations to correct, delete & restrict data processing in accordance with Articles 11-12, 16-19 & 23 GDPR child’s play.

Traceability at Data Breach


It’s possible that only certain data records are affected by a data breach. Simply search & filter the respective data records and comply with the data subjects within the prescribed deadlines for reporting (Article 34).


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