One Search Engine, Many Advantages


As a top manufacturer for Enterprise Search Technologies, we stand for uncompromising technical quality when it comes to search engine & services. For an impressive search experience.

Better Search Functions for Better Results

Our enterprise search engine guarantees a wealth of features that is impressive. Examples include an intelligent full-text search, numerous search plugins, semantic search & fuzzy search, search filters, appealing & informative visualizations and much more. 

Search Almost All Sources in Your Business

An excellent enterprise search engine has numerous connectors – so that it can search as many data sources as possible. Our powerful search engine can also deliver information to different locations and send automatic notifications. 

Top Search Engine Service & Support

For our search engine experts, service and support come first. So that you get the best support possible for your search engine.

One Search Tool, Many Features

Simply the best features for the best results.

Eine top Suchmaschine für Unternehmen

searchIT wurde mit der Vision, eine state-of-the-art Enterprise Search Engine zu liefern, gegründet.

One Appliance

One appliance including hardware and software: simple to set up, let it index your data, and off you go!

Easy to Implement

Implementing the search appliance is simple and works quickly and without problems.

Integrated Automation

The crawling & processing of your data is fully automated.

State-of-the-Art Search Functions

The search appliance offers state-of-the-art search functions, such as synonym recognition, text addition, speech recognition, and much more.

Search a High Number of Sources

Many connectors are supplied in the basic edition, so that you can easily search numerous data sources. 

High Security

Our search appliance is designed for security.

Scalabilty & Performance

The search engine can be easily interconnected with several other appliances and thus offers perfect scalability.

Mobile Ready

The search engine’s user interface is mobile ready.

The Top Advantages of Your Search Engine

Our enterprise search experts do their best – to create a product & service experience that you won’t forget.

All-in-One Appliance

Your search machine is delivered as an all-in-one package. That means we take care of the complete integration, adjustments, and, if necessary, maintenance.

Consistent Service

Our search engine technicians offer continuous service. Regardless whether it concerns the set-up or the maintenance of your appliance.

Excellent Support

Our technicians strive for excellent support. You get your own supervisor, an individual service number and access to a ticketing system.

Cost Efficient Solution

searchIT is consistently designed for cost efficiency.

Futher Development

Our development team is constantly improving the search engine to offer new, previously unseen features.


up to 10,000 documents

45,- €

per month


up to 100,000 documents

from 190,- €

per month


up to 1,000,000,000 documents

on request



We provide all-encompassing service and a high end enterprise search appliance. Get in touch.

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