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The unique search software for auditors and tax consultants and made in Austria.

All information
immediately in view

Keep an eye on all information. The diverse connectors and functions for search, analysis & automation allow you to include many internal (network hard drives, shares & clouds, accounting, time recording, etc.) and external (websites, wikis, intranets, etc.) sources. Very easily.

Better tax advice
& controlling

More efficiency in information search & management: with searchIT, you effectively get more output with less work. No matter whether you need individual searches, extensive automation (e.g. making scans searchable, categorizing incoming mail, etc.), and analyzes.

possible uses

Use searchIT in a variety of ways in the areas of tax advice and auditing. Examples are business process monitoring, controlling, employee monitoring, time recording, and much more.





Enterprise Search for Businesses


Full Text Search Within Your Data

Artificial Intelligence

High Performance & Scalability


Fast Return on Investment

Simply Work Smoother

Examples of possible uses

The wide range of possible uses for searching, analyzing and automating are ideally suited for tax consultants and auditors.


Official letters


Search official letters from companies, health insurance companies and other authorities. An OCR system automatically converts incoming letters into searchable text.

Customer correspondence


Search the current and past correspondence from email or post in real time.



Search all contracts (customers, companies, rents, etc.) on the network hard drives. Very simple and with just a few entries.

Legal texts


Keep up to date on relevant regulations and laws. Our system searches online sources and databases and gives you an overview of the latest developments in a matter of seconds.



Our system searches and structures data from registers such as land registers, company books, etc. and quickly shows you search results and cross-connections.

Other systems & wikis


You have quick and easy access to your customers’ information systems, such as wikis and intranets. So you always have everything relevant in view.



Search through various filing systems quickly and easily, e.g. invoices, staff filing, contracts, working time records, fee notes, and much more.



Incoming mail is automatically converted into searchable text and processed for you (e.g. categorized and assigned to the correct department).



Search through a variety of sources for creating and reviewing reports, such as: file servers, databases, Amazon Storage, e-mail, and much more.

Tax Consultants & Auditors

The various functions of the internal search engine & DMS for tax consultants and auditors are convincing.


Top DMS for Tax Consultants

The enterprise search solution searchIT combines the advantages of a fast in-house search for tax consultants and auditors with the best functionalities of a DMS. Based on AI algorithms, an automated assignment and grouping of documents is possible, which saves time in everyday office work.


Data Protection Made Easy

Our in-house search engine makes data protection easy for tax advisors and financial service providers. With the GDPR module, personal data are found at the push of a button and output in a legally compliant report as data protection information. Save time and have the certainty of getting a complete listing of all instances in your sources.


Authorization System for More Security

The sensitive area of tax advice and auditing calls for keeping track of who is authorized to access certain documents. Therefore, we have integrated an authorization into our enterprise search and DMS software searchIT. In addition, a user tracking plugin  enables you to track access and changes to individual documents.


Fast Search in All Documents

Not only text documents, tables, and databases, but also scans are indexed by searchIT’s OCR functionality and made quickly searchable using the lightning-fast full-text search. searchIT includes all connected sources from your tax consultancy. A strict system of rules for filing documents, which often makes acceptance of a document management system difficult, is therefore not necessary.


Automated Organization of Data

searchIT automatically extracts meta information from your documents. The AI algorithms of our enterprise search for tax consultants thus enable an automated categorization of your data. The DMS creates virtual folders for the author, year, and month of creation, but also according to language or file types (emails, Word files, Excel files, etc.). It is also possible to categorize the search terms contained in those files and the topics thus extracted from them. The AI algorithm establishes connections between the documents according to topics. In that way, large amounts of information can be structured automatically.


Manage Scans with OCR

Offices for tax advice and auditing, often have to deal with lots of documents that are only available as a scan: accounting documents from clients, scanned documents, contracts, etc. In these scans, the text is stored as an image, i.e. cannot be searched using conventional methods. The searchIT OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plugin recognizes the text in these PDF scans and images (e.g. photographs of documents) and not only makes it searchable using the fast full-text search, but also lets you mark, copy and process the text therein.


up to 10,000 documents

45,- €

per month


up to 100,000 documents

from 190,- €

per month


up to 1,000,000,000 documents

on request



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